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Part Details JP0581

Part Details JP0581

JP0581 - JBP T304 Medical Grade Stainless Steel Equal Length Header [ECOTEC]
Price: [$1320 (US$1254.00)]
Performance enthusiasts who want the best product possible, always come to JBP. As width our LD9 Header, the amount of time, craftmanship and dedication applied to our header projects are endless. As with our 60 Degree V6 Headers.... We never skimp out at JBP. We just provide top quality product for those who put as much value, time and dedication into their builds as we do. With Stainless Steel you have a great finish. With Medical Grade stainless steel you have unforseen properties of heat, material stretch and tarnish. This material never discolors, a mild rub with emery cloth polishes them to a mirror shine. You can't find this material ANYWHERE. Not, S&S, Not RKSport.... Only JBP.

-T304 Medical Grade Stainless Steel Equal 4-2-1 Header, 19" Primary Length -1 T304 Hi Grade Stainless Steel Flange -TIG Welded Seams -1 Copper Gasket -CNC Laser Cut Flange, Gasket Matched -Stainless Steel Exhaust Bolts Approximate Gains: 13-14HP

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