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Part Details JP0713

Part Details JP0713

JP0713 - Harrop Supercharger [HTV1320-LSJ]
Price: [$2788 (US$2648.60)]
Further features of the HTV1320-LSJ include:

? Eaton?s latest TVS technology in supercharging.
? Bolt-on solution for the 2.0L.
? No adaptors required, simply remove the production M62 and replace it with the HTV1320-LSJ
? Interchangeable pulleys - shipped with an 80mm diameter pulley.
? Designed for the higher-flowing LS4 throttle body, but the original throttle body will also fit.
? Powder-coat finish is standard.
? Polished finish is also offered as an option (additional cost).
? Service free ? the HTV1320-LSJ superchargers are OE-quality. The supercharger is a sealed unit that requires no maintenance other than typical OE-style checks.

Although the HTV1320-LSJ is mechanically a bolt-on solution, recalibration of the ECU and any ancillary items will need to be addressed (upgraded fuel system/injectors etc).

Harrop wants all users to be well-informed of the performance advantages of the HTV1320 supercharger. This upgraded supercharger is larger then the production equipped M62 it replaces (1.3L vs. 1.0L) and a great deal more efficient. Modified engines will certainly be able to take advantage of the benefits offered from the HTV1320-LSJ.

Upgradeable pulley's, fuel kit and tunes soon to be available through JBP.

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